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Net Writer Malunis đánh giá the episodes of Kamen Rider Zi-O that aired in January 2019. 

Time once again to lớn talk some clock, but things are a bit different this month since the show has decidedly stepped away from its usual Ride
Watch format in favor of some new Riders. Let’s see how that turned out.

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My reviews are just the key points I wanted to talk about, but if there was something else you wanted my thoughts on, feel không tính tiền to ask in the comments.



Ep17: Happy New Year 2019

Confusingly, the show opens with Sogo in the year of 2022. He goes outside lớn confirm that he’s in the future, and is met with ninja grunts. They’re defeated by a new nhân vật named Rentaro Kagura, who transforms into Kamen Rider Shinobi! After the battle, however, Sogo wakes up & realizes it was all just a dream. But perhaps not as much of a dream as he thinks, as Swartz has a new Another Rider known as Another Shinobi, who is actually the Rentaro Kagura of 2019.

The heroes try khổng lồ track down and defeat the monster, but are met with a new foe: An alternate version of Woz (Hereby known as white Woz) from a future where Oma Zi-O never took over – because he was defeated by Geiz, who trắng Woz refers khổng lồ as Geiz Revive. Trắng Woz possesses powers that the original (Hereby known as black Woz) doesn’t have, such as a book with the ability khổng lồ manipulate events in his favor. He also uses the Beyon
Driver to lớn transform into Kamen Rider Woz, demonstrating his powers against Another Shinobi and questioning what they’ll vì if they won’t accept a future where Zi-O ceases to lớn exist.

So, THAT tops the last show’s status quo shaker! We’ve got a new timeline with a new Woz, who is also a Rider named Woz, meaning I now have lớn juggle 3 versions of that name… annnd with it, new Riders from different points in the future! Bravo, show, you’re really throwing some curveballs here. & I say this after knowing about these designs from toy catalogs và not knowing their story context.

I’d like to actually focus on the future Rider concept, because the show has greatly defied my expectations for this in the very first scene of the episode. When I saw that we’re getting Miride
Watches (it’s not spoilers since that’s in the next episode in this review~), I figured the most we would get is… the Mirdie
Watch design. Like, just a piece of artwork of the helmet & a Rider name. But Shinobi has a full suit, he has an actor, he has a unique transformation sequence, and he has attack names. I have always wanted to see a cool ninja Rider as a lead, so this was a lot of fun to lớn see. I’ll talk more about the character when we get khổng lồ the next episode.

I also lượt thích the Shinobi suit. It’s quite apparent that the future Riders are a minor thing, because each of the future Riders are using recycled suit parts from past series. In this case, Shinobi is a Ghost suit & an Ex-Aid helmet – I suspect it’s one of the Dark Necrom suits from the summer movie, because why would they bring those back? and as can be seen from the Rider in the next arc, the helmet used for Shinobi is a Ride-Player. I say all this lượt thích I’m criticizing it, but I think they vày a really solid job making Shinobi look lượt thích an original design. The paint work on the chest does a good job of hiding the suit origin, và they hide the helmet well enough with simple accoutrements. Small obscure thing I noticed, the sword he uses is pulled from Kamen Rider Fuma from the Ex-Aid summer movie – another ninja, funnily enough.

Oh, small aside… impressive depiction of 2022, really reminds me of Back to lớn the Future‘s take on 2015. Apparently công nghệ just really got advanced thanks to Oma Zi-O’s demise. It’s kinda fun seeing the Dustards from Kamen Rider Fourze repurposed as grunts for Shinobi khổng lồ fight – that nin-ja motif felt incredibly out of place for a space-themed show, so it isn’t even jarring in the slightest for them khổng lồ be used here with no change to lớn their design.

As for trắng Woz/Kamen Rider Woz, I love the design… of both. The goofy future clothes are great, và the suit design is just fantastic. I was originally concerned he’d look too much lượt thích Necrom from Kamen Rider Ghost, but he sure has his own identity once you see the suit in action. And the idea of him praising Geiz for defeating Oma Zi-O in the near future is a twist I legitimately wasn’t expecting the show khổng lồ pull.



Ep18: The Amazing, the Epoch, the Future! 2022

Following the shocking reveal of Kamen Rider Woz, everyone tries figuring out what they can do to stop Another Shinobi. As it turns out, he’s a Rider who came into existence in the timeline where Oma Zi-O was defeated, và the Time
Mazines apparently don’t have the ability to diverge into alternate timeline territory. This makes Another Shinobi virtually invincible.

All seems lost, but when Sogo confronts Kentaro after he loses his Another Shinobi powers, he convinces him to lớn trust that his future self will find a new kind of strength without the Time Jackers. Swartz tries to giảm giá with Zi-O by recharging Kentaro’s Another Shinobi powers over and over again, but eventually, Kentaro refuses in favor of choosing his own future – Swartz, as expected, doesn’t allow his candidates to choose. With this pause in battle, white Woz causes a Shinobi Miride
Watch khổng lồ come into existence, then uses it to lớn transform into Future
Ring Shinobi và defeat Another Shinobi.

White Woz bookends by confronting Geiz with the Miride
Watch, informing him that someone with three impossible watches would be the one lớn defeat Oma Zi-O. Finally, a teaser for the next future Rider… which is questionable since it definitely doesn’t fit the tone of the design.

So that… was quite the arc. I have to say, this was a very cool way khổng lồ bring us back to lớn the Another Rider stuff but also offer something different. Swartz is experimenting with some Riders from other timelines, which even seems khổng lồ be confusing khổng lồ his comrades. I like how it seems as though Heure is willing to blab out of spite for how often Swartz treats him like a child.

And I have to say, as brief as our introduction was khổng lồ Kentaro, he seems like a nice character. He’s a hotblooded guy who believes in doing the right thing, very fitting of the genre, and it’s cool lớn know we’re essentially seeing what he’s like before he became a Rider – it’s like a flashback you’d get in a first episode of a show. He’s also played by a Sentai actor, Star Ninger from Ninninger, which is a xinh đẹp reference. I loved how energetic the actor was in that show & I get to see a more serious character here – he plays it well.

And then we have the Miride
Watches used by Kamen Rider Woz – it’s a classic transformation chiến thắng variant that became more prominent after Wizard, and I lượt thích how there’s a pretty good reason for it lớn be different: This is a watch owned by a character from another timeline. It just so happens that these are based on future Riders, I suppose. Và the khung changes for Woz, while simplistic, are fun và reminiscent of the Rider they’re based on.

Just after what I considered the best arc of the show so far, it gives another good one! Can it keep up that momentum?


Uncle Junichiro has made special bento for the New Year’s holiday.

New Year’s 2022, that is. Sougo heads outside & it is indeed 2022. He is suddenly attacked by ninja-like foot soldiers until Takigawa Kinji Kagura Rentarou appears lớn save him.

Rentarou introduces himself as someone who fights in the shadows to lớn protect the helpless from those who misuse the power given to lớn them.

Rentarou pours his belt out of a bottle & henshins to…


Kamen Rider Shinobi!

Rentarou easily fights off the food soldiers using different types of ninpou. Sougo thinks he’s pretty cool. But he wakes up from the dream back in the present day, New Year’s 2019.


Later that night, a strange Time Mazine arrives in 2019. The Time Jackers, meanwhile, greet each other on a rooftop. Schwartz hands Heure a strange Ride Watch.

The next day, Rentarou tries saving his friend from a bunch of goons, but gets beat up instead. Heure pops up và appears lớn force the Ride Watch into Rentarou.


Back at the shop, Sougo tells Geiz and Tsukuyomi about his dream. But Geiz tells Sougo about how all Riders ceased khổng lồ exist on Oma Day when Sougo becomes Oma Zi-O.

Just then, Woz appears and Uncle Junichiro happily serves him a bento expecting another time piece to be repaired. Geiz can’t believe Woz would have the nerve to show his face here again after what he’s done. But Tsukuyomi says Woz must have a good reason.

Woz explains that Another Rider has appeared, but his book mentions nothing about it or the original Rider. They all leave to investigate.

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Three of the goons that attacked Rentarou’s friend have already been attacked by the Another Rider. & the fourth one is about lớn be killed. Heure watches & is pleased by the progress.


Suddenly, a voice comes out of nowhere announcing Heure will find himself in a sudden traffic accident. The car with the fourth goon starts lớn careen towards him. Heure freezes time khổng lồ stop the car from hitting him. He turns and finds a strangely dressed Woz behind him.

Woz wants Heure lớn tell him all about the Another Rider, but Heure refuses. Woz then writes in his tablet-style, touchscreen book that Heure’s time becomes unfrozen.

The frozen car quickly continues careening toward him. Heure tries freezing time again, but time just starts right back up. Over and over. Until Woz finally freezes time himself, having made his point to lớn Heure.

Woz repeats his demand for Heure to lớn tell him all about the Another Rider. Heure says all he knows is Schwartz gave him the watch.

Woz spares him for today.

On the other side of town, Sougo, Geiz & Tsukuyomi are at the site where one of the goons was burned alive. But other than the park bench, there’s no sign of fire. That’s when Geiz spots something bubbling out of Sougo’s shadow.

Sougo & Geiz henshin và the Another Rider pops out of the shadows. They battle, but Another Shinobi is able khổng lồ get away after spraying them with water ninpou.

Geiz hops on his bike to chase after him. Sougo tries lớn catch up, but Woz writes in his digital book that he won’t. & he doesn’t. Sougo manages to catch his xe đạp Watch.


But Sougo và Tsukuyomi are surprised to lớn see this different Woz appear.

Woz speech-to-texts that Sougo will get caught up in a whirlwind and it happens immediately. He says he doesn’t control the future, but merely guides it.

Before Woz can write Sougo’s demise, present
Woz appears & wraps Another Woz’s wrist with his long scarf. Woz than wraps Sougo và Tsukuyomi in his scarf and whisks them away.

They gọi Geiz over, but Another Shinobi quickly finds them. Sougo and Geiz henshin and they battle.

Another Woz appears & explains that he can write the future in his book và can guide their actions. He wants to lớn take Another Shinobi’s Watch and they don’t know anything about him because Kamen Rider Shinobi does not exist in this timeline.

Sougo goes Decade & delivers a Dual Time Break at Another Shinobi. But Another Shinobi sucks Sougo and Geiz in a fiery whirlwind.


Geiz is spit out of the whirlwind in front of Another Woz who bows & kneels lớn him, his “savior.” Another Woz says Geiz will destroy Oma Zi-O on Oma Day when he becomes Geiz Revive. That’s why Another Woz has come to 2019 khổng lồ help his savior Geiz.


Another Woz pulls the Beyondriver out và henshins to Kamen Rider Woz.


Another Woz summons his spear và takes on Another Shinobi. He writes in his book that Another Shinobi explodes from his attack and it happens. Another Woz delivers a Time Explosion and Rentarou is released from Another Shinobi.

Another Woz says he comes from a future in a different timeline, a future without Oma Zi-O. And that timeline was created when Geiz destroyed Oma Zi-O.

Episode Thoughts

Wow! What an interesting episode. Very exciting & lots going on of course.

First, YAY Hideya Tawada! I guess he’s the guest for these two eps, but I was hoping he’d be a permanent secondary Rider this season. He was pretty badass this episode in what little we saw of him. And it brings back nice memories and seeing him go from being the Star
Ninger with a hamburger cell phone khổng lồ a kick ass Kamen Rider Shinobi. Let’s hope we’re in the timeline where Kamen Rider Shinobi really happens in 2022. Hehe.

But the biggest development was definitely the introduction of Kamen Rider Woz. Woz has been great so far as has Keisuke Watanabe. So having the two Wozeses will definitely give him more opportunity to be awesome. But it also presents the interesting plot twists.

Geiz being the savior in the new timeline will certainly bring back his wanting lớn kill Sougo, one would assume. But I will expect that this somehow gets Geiz a nice new power up & he again reverts to lớn his tsundere ways to lớn believe in Sougo. Thus, I guess, creating ANOTHER new timeline, right?

The season has played around with the different timelines. Starting back even lớn Build‘s finale of course. So to lớn introduce Another Woz presents a whole range of interesting possibilities as well. They can play around with the idea of parallel universes/timelines. Though in both good and bad ways. We’ll see.

There was a lot of great action this episode as well. First from Kamen Rider Shinobi & then Kamen Rider Woz. Some nice, neat fight choreography for their big fight sequences. Và Kamen Rider Woz’s henshin sequence, music and sound effects are all so awesomely over-the-top. I love it!

Overall, a great, enjoyable episode & a nice start to lớn this next arc of the season!

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