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Last year, there was a blind thành công that was published by truyền thông media outletNewsen about a rumor pertaining to a female celebrity & her celebrity boyfriends.

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According khổng lồ the blind cống phẩm article, actress G was infamous for completely dominating & controlling her celebrity boyfriends both physically và mentally. The article reported, "She only dated popular male celebrities even when she was a rookie. One of the most famous stories is that a vị trí cao nhất idol star H threw himself into the road after breaking up with G. It is known that celebrity H had continued khổng lồ cling onto Gafter the breakup,visiting G"s agency and even dieting with her when he heard G was on a diet."

The blind thắng lợi also revealed that another handsome male celebrity K also attempted suicide after breaking up with G. It was also revealed that K is best friends with đứng đầu celebrity J, who is currently dating G. According to lớn the reports, G continues khổng lồ physically & mentally dominate her boyfriend.

This information was released on May 18, 2020, and is resurfacing as netizens are speculating that G is Seo Ye Ji, H is Yunho from TVXQ, K is Kim Jung Hyun, và J is actor Kim Soo Hyun.


In fact, Se Ye Ji has been once involved in a dating scandal with Yunho back in 2014, when the two celebrities appeared in thedrama "The Night Watchman" together. Although the two celebrities" agencies denied the allegations at the time, many netizens believe that the two were dating at the time.

Many netizens are believing in the past blind thành phầm more because entertainment reporter Kim Yong Ho also mentioned the dating scandal between Seo Ye Ji và Kim Soo Hyun back in 2020.

In June 2020, in a You
Tube live stream,reporter Kim Yong Ho raised suspicions against actress Seo Ye Ji"s personality và her background.


The reporter started by saying, "Seo Ye Ji is an amazing woman,"then continued khổng lồ say that there"s something weird about celebrities who have a grand story of how they became a celebrity or have some amazing back story.

Kim Yong Ho stated that when he talked khổng lồ the staff members who worked with Seo Ye Ji, many stated that Seo Ye Ji"s real personality is very close khổng lồ the character she played from the drama "It"s Okay to Not Be Okay." He said, "Seo Ye Ji is the type of person who needs lớn be the center of attention & needs to be treated like a queen. & people say that the character that she portrays is actually close lớn her actual image."

The reporter then pointed out that Seo Ye Ji had dated Kim Jung Hyun for a long time, & Kim Jung Hyun"s acquaintances told the reporter that the actor almost went crazy while dating Seo Ye Ji. The acquaintances of Kim Jung Hyun worried about him because he was completely absorbed by Seo Ye Ji.

Reporter Kim Yong Ho continued to lớn say,"So Seo Ye Ji almost entices men with her charms, almostdominates them.You"d understand if you watched "It"s Okay to Not Be Okay." One of the episodes I heard is that she would gọi her boyfriend và just yells "Fire!" và hangs up. So the boyfriend would get surprised & run over khổng lồ her. When they arrive, she"s perfectly fine. But she would ask why it took them so long to get to lớn her after hearing her scream."

The reporter believed that there are certain characters that fit the actors well because of the similarity between the personality of the actor & character. Hence, the reporter concluded that Seo Ye Ji must have the personality of the character in the drama "It"s Okay khổng lồ Not Be Okay."

After the recent controversy that Seo Ye Ji was the mastermind behindactor Kim Jung Hyun"s rude actions towards Seohyun, many netizens are rewatching the video made by reporter Kim Yong Ho và are shocked by the information he had provided. Many believe Seo Ye Ji tends to gaslight her boyfriends & have been shocked by much of the recent news reported about the actress.

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In recent reports carried by The Korea Herald & Wiki
Tree, it is revealed that actress Seo Yea Ji was paid far lesser than her Its Okay lớn Not Be Okay co-star, Kim Soo Hyun. We decode the gender pay parity amongst South Korean actors.


Recently, The Korea Herald & Wiki
Tree carried out reports divulging the salaries of two of South Korea"s top actors - Kim Soo Hyun and Seo Yea Ji! The talented actors starred opposite one another in one of the finest dramas of 2020, It"s Okay to lớn Not Be Okay. A sensitive drama on family, identity and mental health, Seo Yea Ji portrayed the children"s book author Ko Moon Young who writes macabre fairy-tales, owing to lớn her traumatic childhood, & Kim Soo Hyun played the kind-hearted male nurse in a psychiatric ward, Moon Gang Tae, who is committed to taking care of his autistic older brother, Moon lịch sự Tae. The drama earned both critical reception và commercial success for its beautiful & heartfelt depiction of mental health.

The actors" performances were highlighted, especially Seo Yea Ji"s sharp & steadfast performance as Ko Moon Young earned her rave review across the globe. However, months after the show has ended, the actors are in news again. No, this is unrelated khổng lồ the ongoing Kim Jung Hyun controversy, rather it is related to gender pay disparity. In recent reports carried out by The Korea Herald và Wiki
Tree, it was revealed that Kim Soo Hyun took home the bigger pay package despite the equal weightage và star power both the actors bought to lớn the show. The topic became a hot button issue amongst netizens & industry insiders và the difference in salaries between male and female actors has been critically discussed online. 


It is reported that female actors are paid 100 million KRW per episode for a drama series production. This is much lower than the 200 million KRW male actors earn for the same amount of work. Gender pay parity has been a raging issue for a few years now. Hollywood star Jennifer Lawrence wrote an mở cửa letter titled, "Why bởi I Make Less Than My Male Co‑Stars?" She stated that the pay difference between her & Robert Downey Jr (highest-paid male actor) is shocking và embarrassing. She also explained that when a female actor demands more pay she is made lớn feel guilty and shameful for asking for more. 

According lớn the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), South Korea has the largest wage gap between males & females, with a 34.1% difference. This isn"t the first time, because According to lớn OECD, South Korea has secured the first place spot for the last 17 years since the organization began the data collection for this category back in 2002.

Industry insiders say that the reason for this is because male actors are more popular than their female counterparts và that audiences watch K-dramas for male actors than female actors! I find this claim utterly preposterous. On one hand, it is great to see such wonderful, flawed yet wholesome characters written for female actors, but it sad lớn know that their salaries don"t match their talent!

While we love Kim Soo Hyun và he deserves his success, we would lượt thích to see more female stars match up khổng lồ the likes of Lee Min Ho, Hyun Bin and Kim Soo Hyun. A few important ways we can record a change for our female actors to earn better và deserving pay packages.

1. Ask for it, ask for what you deserve, don"t feel shy about it. You go, Girl.

2. More women in the workforce. We need more women in the industry - as producers backing projects, as writers, as directors, as technicians. More women telling women stories.

3. More accepting of women of different ages - we need more working mothers & senior actresses. We need khổng lồ be more welcoming of women who return to lớn work post giving birth. Vanity cannot be restricted to women in their 20s. Vanity must be fair for all women.

4. We need more roles written for women - Korean dramas are very inclusive of women, we still need better roles written for female actors. We need women beyond the glitz & glamour, in more real và flawed avatars. 

Finally, women should uplift themselves và other fellow women. May our tribe increase.

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What vì you think of the pay parity issue? chia sẻ your thoughts with in the comments below.

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