1. Introduction 4. A Look at the Case
2. Tech Specs 5. What This Case Brings to lớn the Table
3. Packaging/Boxing 6. Final Thoughts & Our Rating

Cooler Master Master
Box Lite 3.1:A Budget-Friendly m
ATX Case

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly micro-ATX or mini-ITX case, you might want to kiểm tra out the Cooler Master Master
Box Lite 3.1.

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It isn’t quite as cheap as some of the ultra budget-friendly cases out there, but it does have a few more features, as well as more room, and, in my opinion, a better design than some of its competitors.

The case comes with a large transparent side window và the ability to lớn fit the longest and tallest graphics cards & heatsinks on the market.

So, if you want to lớn build a high-end system inside of this case (or work your way up to one through upgrades) you can definitely bởi so.

Overall, I would say that this is probably a case that would work well for someone who has a budget of about ~$500 or more to build their computer with. Of course, choosing a case is different for every individual, as a lot of your choice comes down to lớn aesthetics.

In my opinion, the Master
Box Lite 3.1 is a nice looking case và if you think so as well by looking at the pictures, be sure khổng lồ read the rest of this đánh giá (or just kiểm tra it out on Amazon) khổng lồ get a better idea of what you can expect out of it.

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Cooler Master Master
Box Lite 3.1 Tech Specs

Motherboard micro-ATX, mini-ITX
USB 3.0 Yes
VGA Max ~380mm
Heatsink Max ~158mm
PSU Mount Bottom
Build Material Steel, Plastic
Dimensions 456mm x 208mm x 381mm
Weight ~8.7 LBS.

Box Lite 3.1 Packaging

There is a lot to lượt thích about the Master
Box Lite 3.1. It’s a very affordable case (priced at about ~$40) that has a ton of room inside of it.

It can fit GPUs as long as 380mm và heatsinks/CPU coolers as tall as 158mm. Or, in other words, it can fit just about any graphics card and heatsink inside of it.

That means you can build just about as powerful of a single-GPU system as possible inside of this case.

So, for performance purposes, this case will not hinder your ability khổng lồ fit a high-end system inside of it.

You can use either a micro-ATX or a mini-ITX motherboard inside of it. It’s dimensions are 456mm x 208mm x 381mm. And, the case weighs approximately ~9 pounds. With a full system inside of it, it would come in at well under 15 pounds, which makes it plenty light enough lớn use as a LAN case.

The case also supports up to lớn four fans (it only comes with one installed) và has space for a liquid cooling radiator on the front of the case (240mm) và the back of the case (120mm).

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Also, another nice feature that smaller budget-friendly cases don’t often come with is that the PSU is mounted on the bottom, rather than the top. This is a plus because bottom-mounted PSUs are ideal for cooling purposes.

Overall, for the price, this is a feature-rich case that has plenty of room for just about any type of build you might want khổng lồ do. It’s not a high-end case by any means, but it will be more than enough for most user’s needs.

Our Final Thoughts:A Solid m
ATX Case That Won’t Break the Bank

I’ll start by saying that thereare some trade-offs with the Master
Box Lite 3.1. On the one hand, the Lite 3.1 is a budget-friendly small form-factor case.

On the other hand, if you are looking to lớn use a standard ATX motherboard, you won’t be able to fit one inside of the Lite 3.1.

At just over $40 on Amazon, though, the Master
Box Lite 3.1 is a phenomenal value considering what you get for the price.

The Lite 3.1 has a lot more wow-factor going for it than some of the competitors in this price range. And, it can essentially hold as powerful of a single-GPU system as you can possibly build.

This is because it has plenty of space for even the biggest graphics cards on the market & it can fit the tallest heatsinks as well.

Overall, if you’re looking to lớn build a budget-friendly gaming PC & you want khổng lồ keep your system in a smaller case, the Master
Box Lite 3.1 is a really solid case và it is one that you should probably at leastconsider.

Tempered Glass Side Panel Dark
Mirror Front Panel
Customizable trim colors (included in box)Full đen coating
Support for up to three 120mm fans & watercooling
Graphic card support up lớn 380mm

Mirror front panel & three custom trim colors (included in the box) offer a great first entry point for customization. Additionally, it comes with a 4mm thick edge lớn edge Tempered Glass Side Panel to show your internal components. And with tư vấn for up khổng lồ 3 cooling fans và a watercooling system, we ensure your performance will not suffer.

Mirror front panel
Customizable trim colors
Full đen coating4mm thick edge to lớn edge Tempered Glass Side Panel
Support for 3 fans và watercooling
Graphics card tư vấn up khổng lồ 380mm

4MM THICK EDGE khổng lồ EDGE TEMPERED GLASS SIDE PANELShow off your build in style, & have easy access lớn your components incase things go haywire.

Internal 3.5" Drive Bays Internal 2.5" Drive Bays Expansion Slots
Front Panel PortsFront Ports
1 x USB 3.0 / 1 x USB 2.0 / Audio In/Out
Cooling SystemFan Options Radiator Options
Front: 2 x 120mm fan
Rear: 1 x 120mm fan hâm mộ (included)
Front - Up to lớn 240mm / Rear - Up khổng lồ 120mm
Dimensions & WeightMax GPU Length Max CPU Cooler Height Max PSU Length Dimensions (H x W x D) Weight
380 mm
158 mm
160 mm
15.00" x 8.23" x 17.96"
8.71 lbs.
Additional InformationDate First Available
February 20, 2023

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