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Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Aqua Booster MILD Type SPF50 PA++++ ( Sunscreen With No, Fragrances, Octinoxate, Oxybenzone, Avobenzone + Images)

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About me: NC25/ Skin/US

I literally trawled Ratzilla for a sunscreen with newer filters lượt thích mad, entering Uvinul và Tinosorb as key words, going over every entry, until I found this. It's a fairly new hàng hóa from Anessa, released for Spring/Summer 2017, so there weren't many nhận xét I find online. It's part of the Aqua Booster line, and is marketed for ( It's và fragrance-free. There's also an SPF35 PA+++ version available. I've been using this sunscreen for almost a month now.

Active Ingredients:

Zinc Oxide....... 12.53%

Uvinul A Plus.. 1.5%

Tinosorb S....... 1.5%

This product also Titanium Dioxide, but does not indicate it as an active ingredient on the package. ( on Ratzilla's site. The English entry on says Titanium Hydroxide instead of Dioxide.

Size: 60ml/2 oz

Price: ~$16.50/oz (The cheapest I find was $32.99 with shipping from a reputable US seller on ebay)

Claims: (Translated from Japanese)

No additive • No fragrance • No • power up when you cảm ứng sweat or water! "Aqua booster technology" • Low irritation type that can also be used for sensitive skin "Also for babies và kids" • "Environmental Damage System" to lớn Protect Skin from Ultraviolet Rays và Airborne Particles • Water resistance was by water bath demo over 80 minutes "Super water proof" • Sled with falling soap (Washes off with soap?) • Allergy tested (Not all people suffer from allergies)

Texture & Application: Milk form, runny & emollient -- almost lượt thích a dry oil, with very low There's no graininess, but note that lượt thích most fluid full bộ sunscreens, this separates. A good shake before application is necessary. It out of a narrow Yorker (?) spout, so I draw one inch lines all over my face & neck. For me, it's 10/10 elegant.

It's not sticky on my oily t-zone & doesn't take that long for it to khung a film. If you have oily skin, you might feel a little greasiness before it sets. It feels so thin even at large amounts, so I try not to over-apply!

White cast: I'd give this a 1 tháng 5 on my chảy skin. It's really not obvious, but there's some build-up around my hairline that goes away after a few minutes. If you're N/NW/NC40 or deeper, you might notice it more, but nothing a good foundation can't fix IMO. Not bad for a sunscreen!

Without makeup: This performs really well, gives my skin an even semi-matte sheen, no pilling over moisturizers with, or over thicker ones lượt thích Nivea Creme. The main feature of Anessa's Aqua Booster line is that the hàng hóa "powers up" when exposed lớn sweat, humidity or water. I can attest khổng lồ its staying nguồn after having it on in the summer heat ( New England), running, and doing errands for a of hours (sorry I didn't reapply lol). Also, I've been applying this on my eyelids và haven't experienced any stinging at all. It does crease on the lids, though.

With makeup: Under Too Faced Born This Way (, this played nicely, lượt thích a hydrating primer. There was no pilling, at least not with light, applied with a beauty blender. I also had a thin layer of Nars creamy over, và still no pilling.

Under Amore Pacific màu sắc Cushion SPF 50, there was flaking, probably because of the & fragrances. I won't be doing that again.

Scent: This is fragrance-free, so all I can smell is an almost undetectable faint scent present in most mineral/inorganic sunscreens. This is perfect for the humid outdoors, playing sports, the beach, & the pool for all skin types. Will definitely repurchase.

Dry/Dehydrated skin: As long as there's enough humidity, this will feel However, this felt sooo drying indoors, especially with AC on. I've tried hydrating layers, oil, and rich moisturizers under it, but my skin was just parched. I wouldn’t use this in the winter, which is good because I can't afford to lớn use this every day.

Oily/Normal: You might experience a little bit of shine, depending on how oily you get. It stayed matte on my t-zone for the most part. But, I don't think this would get too greasy or, honestly.

TL;DR: Very emollient, semi-matte, fluid, SPF 50 PA++++ waterproof full bộ sunscreen, formulated for the outdoors & for sensitive skin. 01/05 white cast on NC25 skin. This holds up to lớn its water-resistant claims. As always, YMMV.


With a texture that melts into the skin, UV Gel locks in moisture while providing powerful UV protection to prevent dark spots! Leaving skin radiant, it is a perfect UV protection for daily use.

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Formulated with medicated brightening ingredients, it prevents dark spots while providing UV protection. The lavender-pink gel dullness lớn bring out the translucence of your natural skin.



As smooth as a serum, this UV essence emulsion features a UV-blocking công nghệ that also UV rays into skin-beautifying light.

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The most powerful* UV milk

Skin protection from harsh UV environments

*Rated SPF50+/PA++++, with the highest water-resistant effect in the ANESSA series.

The UV-blocking film will more powerful when it into liên hệ with sweat, water, heat or moisture in the air. With an amazingly smooth texture, this thành tích is pleasant to lớn use! **Under high-humidity environment during hot season

Powerful spray sunscreen that is easy khổng lồ apply. This beauty sun care hàng hóa helps the skin look its best today & tomorrow.

Despite having a powerful protecting from UV rays, it is developed based on a hypoallergenic formula và has a smooth texture. It can be used safe for all ages, from babies* to adults! *Excluding newborns

Formulated with beauty ingredients, the mild gel protects skin from dryness và damage from UV rays, keeping skin moisturized. It can be used safe for all ages, from babies* to lớn adults! *Excluding newborns

A time-saving tip for your busy mornings. Enhanced by exposure lớn sweat or water, the UV protective veil gives the skin a beautiful, fresh finish.

All-day beauty with new BB sunscreen.BB foundation with strong UV protection even with sweat or sebum.

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